Monday, December 3, 2018

H1-B Extension dropbox experience at US Consulate in Mumbai, India

Image result for US visaI recently used the dropbox facility for my H1-B Visa extension stamping, at the US Consulate in Mumbai. The experience was not as smooth as last time around, but it is definitely hassle free compared to the in-person finger printing and interview process. The requirements for using the dropbox can be found here, and the list of dropbox locations across India can be found here.

The documents I submitted are as below:
1) I797 Copy
2) DS-160 confirmation printout
3) Dropbox confirmation letter
4) All previous and current passports.
5) One 2 X 2 inch recent photo (Please note, this photo has to be different from the one in passport even if it was clicked recently)

The whole process took about 2 weeks for me (9 business days), and here is the entire timeline.

Nov 19th - Dropped off the document
Nov 20th  - CASE CREATED - Visa Status: Application Received
Nov 23rd - Case updated - Visa Status:Application Received
Nov 26th - Case updated - Visa Status: Application Received
Nov 29th - Case updated - Visa Status: Administrative Processing
Nov 30th - Case updated - Visa Status: Issued at 10 am, Passport ready for pick up at 3:30 pm.