Sunday, May 13, 2012

Vicky Donor - A simple and funny take on a controversial topic

Vicky donor is a recent Hindi (Many dialogues and songs are in Punjabi, though) movie to hit the cinemas. The film centers around Vicky Arora (Ayushmaan Khurana) who is a sperm donor. The film then follows a romantic  tale of how he falls for Aashima Roy (Yami Gautam) and how his past as a sperm donor complicates the relationship.
Although the topic of sperm donation is controversial in India, the film focuses on the humorous aspect of it. Annu Kapoor plays Dr. Chadda, MBBS who runs an infertility clinic. The best part about the film is that the characters don't actually try to be funny. The humor burgeons from the subject matter.
Vicky Donor Poster
Overall, the film is refreshingly funny and it's good to see that films with small actors can be a huge success with a combination of good writing, script and acting.

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