Sunday, August 11, 2013

Reducing your Geico premium

Here's a trick I learnt for reducing your Geico premium, if you're currently a Geico customer and have had a clean record for the last year or so.

I recently moved from Des Moines, IA to Kansas City, MO and my premium went up from $474 to $679! I was surprised as I had not gotten any traffic tickets or had accidents on my policy. I called Geico and asked them to re-evaluate my policy to no avail. I then had an idea. I got a fake quote from using a different name (they won't give you a quote if you use the same name on policy) and voila! My quote was $431. I called up Geico gave them the reference number and asked them to explain that how can I be quoted a premium of more than $200 for the same policy rates. The representative was very supportive and asked his manager to look at the comparison to make sure we were comparing apples to apples. The manager got back to me after about 40 minutes on the phone with a new quote. It was just $311.50!

I immediately got my policy renewed using the new premium rates. So if you're someone who thinks they are paying a bit too much for their auto policy, try this method and see if it works for you!

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