Tuesday, December 1, 2015

H1B Dropbox experience at US Embassy in Mumbai

I recently used the dropbox facility for my second H1-B VISA stamping, at the US Embassy in Mumbai. The experience was a smooth one, and is definitely hassle free compared to the in-person finger printing and interview process. The requirements for using the dropbox can be found here, and the list of dropbox locations across India can be found here.

The documents I submitted are as below:
1) I797 Copy
2) DS-160 confirmation printout
3) Dropbox confirmation letter
4) All previous and current passports.
5) One 2 X 2 inch recent photo (Please note, this photo has to be different from the one in passport even if it was clicked recently)

The whole process took about a week for me and here is the entire timeline.

Nov 23rd - Dropped off the document
Nov 24th - Case created - VISA status: Ready
Nov 27th - Case updated - VISA Status: Admin Processing
Nov 30th - Case updated - VISA Status: Issued and Passport ready for pickup


  1. Do the allow you to carry mobile phone for the drop box option. Also do the ask for the bank receipt for verification to let you in?

  2. Hi Mohit
    Thanks for your sharing your experience. Since, I am qualified for Drop-Box facility. I need to apply for my wife and two kids here in Mumbai. I completed DS160. But, now I don't see any clear step-by-step process after that. Could you please let me know what should be step-by-step process after that? ( I haven't paid the fees yet).
    I would really appreciate your help. Please email me desai.piyush@gmail.com

  3. Hi Mohit,

    I am planning to travel out of Mumbai as soon as I submit the docs in the drop box. Can I collect the passport after I return back in a week..?

  4. How early do we need to arrive for waiting in the Dropbox line? Is there a long wait?

  5. Mohit,
    I have one concern.

    My current valid H1 visa (expiring Sep 2017) is stamped on expired Passport and I am doing drop box for second H1b stamping (797 expiry date SEp 2020) on new passport.

    I will be submitting DS160 with new passport number, but to prove my eligibility for drop box (the previous visa you have/had is in the same visa class as the one you wish to renew)

    Do I need to submit old expired passport as well?

    1. I am in the same boat. Current visa stamp is valid until Sep 2017. New i797 is valid from Sep 2017 to Sep 2020. Eligible for drop box since old visa is still valid. If I go for dropbox in May 2017, the new visa will begin in May 2017 or will have to begin based on the new i797 start date which is Sep 2017? If it starts in Sep 2017, and they cancel the old visa, I wont be able to come back in May 2017. Can you please help?


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