Thursday, April 25, 2019

Applying for an Egyptian Visa from Canada

Me and my wife recently applied and got a multiple-entry 6 month tourist visa to Egypt, while applying as permanent residents from Canada, with an India passport. Below is my experience through the entire process. Their jurisdiction is on the right, and they will only entertain applicants from these provinces in Canada.
The documents needed to be submitted, at the time of this writing are:
Jurisdiction of the
Egyptian consulate in Montreal

The list of documents I submitted via UPS are as follows:
1) Original Passport
2) Application form for Visitor Visa
3) Canadian PR card and CoPR copies
4) Latest Bank statement
5) Employment verification letter
6) One Canadian Passport size photo
7) Return UPS Label
8) C$85 bank draft drawn out to "Egyptian Consulate in Montreal"

The entire process was quick and the consulate sent the passport back with the visa stamp in 1 business day, via the UPS return envelope. 
Image result for Egyptian visa
A sample Egyptian Visa

Their current details are:
Egyptian Consulate in Montreal 
McGill College suite 900 

Montreal, Quebec, Canada 
H3A 3J6
Tel : +1 514 866 8455/6

The best way to contact them is via email, as they don't normally answer phones.

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